A Significant Day

Early one morning at dawn, when all was still in silence and nature was only beginning to take on its daytime colors Paula and her friends together with Father Joseph went up to the Church of St. Clare at St. Martino in Albaro… Within the Eucharistic celebration which renews Jesus’ offering of Himself for the salvation of the world, these young women who were all in their twenties, committed themselves to offer their life as a gift so that they could be in a better position to help the people of their time to discover and believe in the Love of God.

An invincible and active faith was to be their strength, for this reason they would be called, “Daughters of the Holy Faith”.

It was August 12 1834, a brilliant day that outlived the test of time!

This was the beginning of the story of a group of women whose passion for the Kingdom was like a magnet which drew them to put themselves at the service of women who found themselves in a situation of inferiority and exploitation.

Young women born to wealthy families might have had the option of receiving some type of education, yet those born to the poor grew up ignorant and illiterate, an easy prey to corruption. It was urgent to think about them!

Having rented a small house, with the help of friends, they began immediately to teach poor little girls and they also accepted a few orphans. The place was not big enough to house them all.

Life in the little house of Quinto was very intense: apostolate, prayer, work to earn a living, that meant weaving cotton late into the night…

«Many could not put up with this sort of work rhythm and the austere life. But if some gave up others took their place…

These were young women who, after having been disciples, decided to give themselves to the Lord to share in the mission of their educators.

From among the first companions the only two who remained faithful to the end were Marianna Danero and Teresa Albino.

The group increased in number while the field of action also expanded.

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