January 24, 2019

I’ve called you friends

“I’ve called you Friends” is the key word of this journey of formation – Lay and Sisters. Friends is the name that Jesus wanted to call his own. In the origins of the Doroteia Family is the strength of a Friendship, of an Encounter that transforms life.

The Friendship / Encounter “evangelically transforming force of our mission” is an expression of the grace of novelty of the XXI General Chapter, which highlighted the presence of lay people “as an integral and original part of our charismatic identity.”

The Horizon is to accompany experiences of life / formation / spirituality, favoring the progressive and vital assimilation of the Charism of Paula, for a belonging that is witnessed in a shared lifestyle and mission.

To enter the Vocational Door – Friendship / Intimacy, the Spiritual Experience (I) is taking place in Portugal: “I called you Friends – Stay in Me”, which takes place from Thursday to Saturday afternoon at lunch.

More Informations soon.