February 23, 2016

About Us

EDUca.DOR in Europe

We live in a time of assumption of our charism and the educational style of Santa Paula Frassinetti that is both a legacy and a challenge. For reasons connected with the history of the congregation and the “signs of the times”, the European Educational Centres feel called to translate, in fidelity to the charism, the educational ideas in a new and common language, able to continue to enthusiasm those who come to us.

Identification with the Charisma allows all Centres to be aligned regarding what is essential, within the diversity of each.

Identity – Mission

We are an evangelizing community that educates in the style of Paula and that, through close and personal relationship and example, promotes the harmonious growth of the person to be the protagonist of his/her own life as well as an agent to transform the reality.

  1. Evangelizing Community
    1. Catholic School – Faith and Reason
    2. The Gospel Pedagogy
  2. Educate in the style of Paula
    1. The way of the Heart and Love
    2. Family Spirit
    3. Example-testimony
    4. Simplicity
    5. Softness and Firmness
    6. The Person at the centre
    7. Close relationship, personalized and motivating
    8. Attention to the most vulnerable
  3. The harmonious growth of the person
    1. Human Dimension (personal development)
    2. Cultural dimension (academic education)
    3. Religious Dimension (“Help the person to find out he/she is loved by God, to believe in that love and to grow to the fullness of maturity in Christ.” Cf. Constitutions of the Sisters Doroteias N. 26)
  4. Protagonist of life itself
    1. Conscious (self-awareness, interiority-spirituality, autonomy, freedom, responsibility, critical sense)
    2. Competent (able to understand reality; mobilizes knowledge, creatively solve situations)
  5. Reality transformational agent
    1. Compassionate (sensitive to the suffering of others, with a sense of justice of the Rein)
    2. Responsible (supportive, committed, with hope and courage in building a more fraternal and ecological world)


To strengthen the sense of belonging to the Dorothy Family, being an instrument of unity and sharing of the educational proposal of Santa Paula Frassinetti between all European Educational Centers.


  • To connect educators of Dorothy’s European Centers regarding what is essential
  • To provide training resources regarding the Charisma