The First Steps

Paula spoke to her brother, who was very happy to see how the Lord was inviting his sister to a magnifìcent adventure, but he did not hide the inevitable and perhaps numerous difficulties she would meet. This did not frighten Paula.

Later she would write that, “working indefatigably and suffering for love of God brings us great consolation, comfort, and fortifies the spirit”.

Together they asked advice of friends who shared and sustained the project.

Under the direction of her brother, Paula and her friends began a process of preparation towards what would become their future life together.

Nobody imagined how this initial idea.


Walking Together

When the villagers of Quinto saw certain attitudes of the girls, they thought they were crazy. Gossips began to weave their tales…

Some of the girls left the group… Father Joseph thought it was impossible to go on and he tried to persuade his sister to abandon the project. Paula was not afraid of diffìculties, she felt secure because she had placed all her trust only in the Lord.

She saw clearly that the project was God’s will and she was determined to go ahead, if her companions agreed, even without her brother’s help.

Paula understood the value of walking together, she saw the strength created by a group that was united around a common ideal. She was aware that the gift she had received did not belong solely to her.

Together they had been called, together they had started, together they would decide whether they should continue…

It depended on what the Spirit would inspire each one to do.

They evaluated their present situation according to the Gospel… they prayed… and united they decided to continue on the path they had initiated. Seeing the determination of his sister Father Joseph continued to help her.

Through these diffìcult times the group had strengthened its bonds and was ready to begin the mission entrusted to it by God.

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