February 25, 2016

2. Integral Formation Of The Person

the pedagogy of the Gospelleads man
to discover that he is loved by God,
to believe in this love
and to grow as a person
to the fullness of maturity in Christ.

The growth and maturation of the person presupposes the discernment of her aptitudes and the  development of all her dimensions through the integration of both human and religious formation in the concrete situations of her own life.

This means:

2.1 creating an environment and a project

which involving the family, would guide the person to gradually become aware of herself and to acquire a sense of security developing the:


  • to understand the reality in which she lives,
  • to place herself in this reality,
  • to form the right hierarchy of values.


  • to love life and to face it courageously even in the midst of difficulties,
  • to make good choices even at the cost of renunciation and sacrifice,
  • to discover and undertake God’s project in her own life.

AFFECTIVITY in order to

  • accept and love herself,
  • overcome selfishness,
  • establish balanced interpersonal relationships,
  • develop the ability to give herself gratuitously,
  • integrate sexuality in the process of affective maturation.

ZEST (keen interest) AND CREATIVITY,



… in society,

  • so that through a serene, objective and
  • critical interpretation of it, the person may
  • grow capable of :
    • solidarity,
    • community living in an open and pluralistic
    • society,
    • participation as an exercise of her right-and-duty
    • towards the building of society.

… opening up to the transcendent,

  • through a dynamic relationship with Christ who
  • enlightens and gives meaning to life,

stimulating towards,

  • giving faith a solid foundation,
  • coherence between faith and life,
  • making the Gospel the rule of life.


  • the experience of GOD’S LOVE PRESENT and active in the life of man,
  • the experience of ENCOUNTERING CHRIST.


  • Jesus as a FRIEND and COMPANION of one’s own growth,
  • MARY as MOTHER and GUIDE in one’s life journey.

to promote justice and universal brotherhood, (Const. 27)

2.2 developing the dimension of SERVICE in the person so that she may ;

  • live her Christian vocation in the world,
  • promote JUSTICE and SOLIDARITY which can result  in PEACE and a JUST AND FRATERNAL society.

… in order that the world may be transformed into the GREAT FAMILY OF GOD (Const. 4)