New Horizons

It was yet another friend, Fr. Luigi Sturla, who offered Paula another apostolic challenge.

He asked her to take the direction of a school for poor children that he had opened in Genoa in the St. Teodoro district.

How could she say no?
Together the companions decided that Marianna Danero and Teresa Albino should go…

It was 1835, Paula’s first companions detached themselves from the group to form a new one.

A process was started through which, over the years, Paula’s gift would spread in rhe different continents. Paula had learned how to see the Will of God unfold through different events and this offered her the occasion to open a house in Rome.

It was the year 1841.

It was difficult to detach herself from Genoa, leave her father, her companions, her brothers, her friends…

Paula’s natural timidity caused her to tremble when faced with the unknown future… But God wanted her in Rome!…

Her apostolic zeal was stronger than any natural fear.
Her passion for the glory of God and the building of His Kingdom moved her.

Her love for the Church and her desire that the newly formed group should receive from the Pope himself the mandate to serve, made her overcome all difficulties.

Totally abandoned to God, strong in her trust in Him and in His great love, she left with two companions who were much younger than her.

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