February 25, 2016

1. Our Pedagogy

1.1 A Profile Of Paula

Since her childhood, Paula placed herself under the teaching of the MASTER in a constant rhythm of growth which inducer her to GIVE HER LIFE,  to MAKE HERSELF EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE, in order TO LEAD ALL TO CHRIST.

Gradually, she developed a STYLE OF SERVICE which she herself defined as  “THE PATH OF AFFECTION AND LOVE”.

She lived this, day by day,
in   a profound COMMUNION WITH CHRIST,
together with her companions, CALLED  like herself
to form a COMMUNITY
that   lives a PROPHETIC CHARISM.
Like Paula in the first community…

We dispose ourselves to be permeated
by the teaching of the Gospel… 

1.2 Basic Intuitions

to create a family environment, natural for the growth of the person, which means an environment:

  • where the person can be herself;
  • where she can feel welcome with her good qualities as well as with her limitations;
  • where she can feel loved;
  • where she can feel that others believe in

1.3 Indispensable Attitudes In Every Relationship

  • goodness and affection; 
  • gentleness in words and in the way of dealing with each other;
  • patience, self-control, serenity;
  • moderation, especially in reproaching and in punishing;
  • firmness and equanimity;
  • a watchful and discrete presence;
  • respect: never using offensive or ironical words or titles
  • impartiality, unselfishness and gratuity;
  • an attitude that favours dialogue and encouragement;
  • a constant awareness that one is always influential.

1.4. The Necessity of Rediscovering


The effort of living these relationships in daily life demands

  • an inner strength which originates from the vocation we have received:
    • to… seek the greater glory of God where  there is greater service…
    • to fulfil the yearning for new life and harmony,

» in a continuous process of growth,

» in an attitude of openness to the newness

                     of the Spirit which challenges us in the   concrete situations of life.

This effort binds us also

  • in  a process of life-long formation which involves all the   dimensions of the person:
    • external aspect, the care of one’s health and a sound psychology,
    • the discernment and development of the person’s   attitudes (abilities),
    • the duty to make the community a place
      1. of growth for each person,
      2. of communication,
      3. of co-responsibility in the common mission.
  • through an education of the heart and spirit in order to develop a manner of being simple and a  family spirit which distinguish us as the Paula’s Family.