February 25, 2016


In a society where

  • frontiers are disappearing with great rapidity,
  • all models are either missing or being modified,
  • we are confronted with multiple forms of dynamism in our mission in an attempt to respond to the ever-changing needs of humanity.

there is an urgent necessity to refund ourselves in original spirit, which is found at the roots of our choice of life, as well as to find in the freshness of the origins the “element” which identifies us as PAULA’S FAMILY in all latitudes and in all forms of service. This, like echo of a common childhood, nourishes both our joyful service and the hope that the gospel can give meaning to man’s life even in our day and age.

This brief work is the result of all that we have lived and shared, coming closer to our Foundress, Paula Frassinetti, who is ever alive in the memoirs, the Constitutions of 1851 in her letters, etc… Even today Paula is able to respond to the  problems of a complex and technological society through her simple and womanlike style of a fulfilled and happy woman.