In the Parish

In 1827, when only 22 years old, Paula’s brother, Joseph, is ordained a priest. Paula is then 18 years old.
Father Joseph was sent as parish priest to Quinto, a small town on the Ligurian coast The poor morals and lack of religious education of his parishioners did not discourage him, but he realized that the presence of his sister would be a valuable help.

His father reluctantly gave his consent, to Paula’s transfer to Quinto, because he thought that her weak health would benefit from the change.

In parish life Paula experiences for the first time, the joy of giving herself to so many.

She experiences living in an enlarged group and having wide spread, varied contacts, an experience very different to what she was accustomed to in her family.

Her heart widens to cope with the situation.

The Lord’s invitation made itself more clear and insistent. He wanted her all for His own to be able to send her, bearer of His Love, to the people of her time.

Paula together with her brother opened a small school for poor children. The new initiative showed that Paula had all the qualities of a good educator: dedication, alertness, intuition, patience, tact, kindliness… intelligence, and an open heart, sweetness and firmness.

Her simple and pleasant ways encouraged others to trusther and start a friendship… a friendship which would help those children to improve their behavior. Paula taught them how to pray in addition to teaching them how to write, and she spoke to them about Jesus whom she already knew so well and loved deeply.

In this way her God given gifts gradually surfaced. Gifts that God had invested in her and which she learned how to freely give to those near her and to the whole Church.

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